Forsaken Chicago

2nd Night

And so it goes on

Harrison Conrad Toler

Monday 8th November

Toler is in a wooded area north of Colorado Springs and calls a driving service to pick him up. When the driver (the same driver from the talk before) gets there, he tells a story about how he ended up there and gets the driver to take him to Yellowstone National Park. The story he tells is about John Nash wanting to debate Toler down in Yellowstone in a day or so. John Forbes Nash, Jr. (born June 13, 1928) is an American mathematician whose works in game theory, differential geometry, and partial differential equations have provided insight into the forces that govern chance and events inside complex systems in daily life.

Toler begins working on an equation prior to packing for the trip to Yellowstone.

James Patrick Lindgren

In Florence leaving the Pen, he begins walking down the road for three hours and finally hits a state highway. Starts hitchhiking down the highway. Old VW bug pulls over after awhile. Old guy with beard offers to take him down the road aways down to Denver and smokes up with the old man. Drops him off at a Truck Stop just outside Denver. Once in a Diner, he finds that the old man stole his wallet. The waitress suggests asking a truck driver and he finds one.

Sam Beckett
After a disturbing dream about wolves, Sam makes it to Yellowstone the next day, gets directions to Flat Creek, and sets up camp.

Liu Pei Tian

Pulls off the road to grab some food, gas and sleep. He texts his girlfriend and goes to bed. The next day he makes it to Yellowstone and pulls into a Ranger Station and ask about Flat Creek Ranch. Liu makes his way to the cabin. He opens the door and it’s really cool inside. No one’s inside and decides to sit and wait.

Grady Michael Wescott III

High as a kite, Grady leaves the Phish concert and heads to Yellowstone. Drives through the night and makes it to the Park, but the Ranger Station is closed. Luckily there is one map left. He drives 30 miles to the Flat Creek Ranch. He gets to the rickety bridge and decides to leave the vehicle to walk across the bridge. Liu is hiding near the cabin but Grady is able to spot him. They exchange pleasantries. Grady goes into the cabin. He starts a fire. Liu gets cold and enters the cabin. They recognize each other from the letter exchange from a couple days ago.

james red elk

Sunday 7th November

James is still on the road to Yellowstone. Makes it there but the Ranger Station is closed. Searches for Ghost Radio with no luck. Finds the bridge that leads to the Ranch. Liu and Grady both here the car and James sees smoke rising from the chimney. Liu sneaks outside and is unseen by James. James falls into the creek. Wet and Cold he makes his way across the creek. James and Liu talk. Grady is oblivious. After a brief conversation, they enter the cabin. Introductions are made.

Harrison Conrad Toler

Monday 8th November

The next morning the driver arrives on time and he packs up the car for the trip to Yellowstone. This time the driver brought a Ford Explorer. They make it to Yellowstone and uses Mapquest to find out where the cabin is located. Once at the bridge, he uses mathematics to determine the condition of the bridge. He cross the bridge carefully and makes it to the cabin. He examines the area to determine how many people have arrived before him. He knocks on the door. He enters and makes introductions.

James Patrick Lindgren

Monday 8th November

Makes it to the park.

Tuesday 9th November

A VCR and a Cassette sitting on top of it. The Cassette is named the Truth. No TV or Power. James checked out the Outhouse that’s full of shit. We all head to the rangers station. We all head to the diner and have lunch. Toler talks to the Rangers and grabs a full amenities cabin. A guy named John Braun, CEO that works for Pentex, hired Dr. Toler to meet at the cabin. Pentex is a company with its hands in many things. We head to the cabin and pop the tape into the VCR. After a brief period of malfunction, the tape starts. A man behind a desk tells us to go to Harold’s Donuts and speak with a woman named Christy. She will procure an item for him and give it to us.

Wednesday 10th November

We make it to Harold’s and met up with Christy Reese, full name acquired by my superior hacking skilz. She says she can get the item but needs $5,000 with $2,500 upfront. After a brief moral decision, we agree to pay and set up a meet for the next day at 12:30 her Hotel Room to pick up the item.

Thursday 11th November

We get a text from Christy Reese. Saying she’s been setup. Perhaps apprehended by cops. She would like us to take items from her car and free her. Dr. Toler agrees to distract the hotel clerk while Lui and Grady investigate the car. Grady tells Lui that his girlfriend was found dead in Grady’s Apartment burnt to death. I find out that Christy isn’t in jail. Most of the group searches the Christy’s hotel room where her phone is found stashed in the tank of the toilet.

The group decides to question the Chinese hotel man, Adam Chin. The Doc brings him back out of unconsciousness. James attempts to question him using a concoction that should make his tongue loose. The Chinese man is lying to every question that the manager is asked. Grady supplies him with a roofie. A group of men capture unsuspecting women and use them as sex slaves. The Sheriff of the town, Sheriff Oslir, is involved in it as well as the department. Garret McGrudder, Cole, and Vic are all ex-cons and are the leg men of the operation. Gulag and the Farmhouse are the two locations they use to house the women. Adam Chin is being blackmailed by the Sheriff for rape charges against him. Upon hearing this, James punches the hell out of him. David D’angelo is a creepy dude involved in this sex slave ring and weird shit goes on when he’s around.


Volksturm gannonpm

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