Forsaken Chicago

First Night

Connections Made

Liu Pei Tian

Lui, pronounced Lee, gets off work and heads to his girlfriend’s. After a brief conversation, his evening is interrupted by a large mastiff charging at him. The dog is friendly. More dogs, approx. 15, converge on Lui and follow him to his apartment. Lui shuts the door and the dogs hang outside for a bit. One dog stayed at the edges of the light throughout the night. Goes to work and the dog comes back that night. Another night goes by. Day passes and he gets ready for his date with Mae.

Date goes well. That night he wakes up at 3am needing to piss. The door to the bathroom seems to be 100yds away. An inconceivable long hallway. Building starts to shake and cracks start to appear. He runs back to his girlfriend but can’t seems to make any progress. Screams of torment erupts around him.

He wakes up. His girlfriend seems a bit worried. He goes to the bathroom and everything is normal.

Thursday 4th of November

A guy hands Lui a letter. There is a intricate seal on the letter. Lui drives to the address.

Friday 5th November

Breakfest, Dojo, Classes. Fine looking woman looking at him through the windows. Leaves if she approaches.

Rest is lost in a fog.

James Patrick Lindgren

JP is in county lockup during his first week. That night he dreams of playing football. Lining up as a Linebacker. There’s something odd about the opposing team. Snake irises, tusks, inhumane. James begins to sweat. The Quarterback calls, “Hut!” James takes off running with two of this inhuman creatures following. The ball is thrown and JP picks it out of the air. The creatures howl in anger but JP takes of running. One of these things jumps on his back but JP keeps going. Another jumps on him. JP is almost there. 5 yards away one of the creatures takes a bite out of him but JP keeps going and tumbles into the in zone.

He awakes up and heads to breakfast. One of the other inmates, a distinguished individual by the name Gigaboo, says “There’s that little baby that was whinning in his cell last night.” Gigaboo comes over and tries to take JP’s fruit cup. He’s able to grab it and stick his booger covered finger into the cup. JP smashes the fruit cup in Gigaboo’s face and tries to talk his way out of the situation. Gigaboo punches him in the mouth and shoves the tray into JP’s face. JP makes a grab for Gigaboo and locks him up in a headlock. Lowering him to the ground. The guards arrive and forces them apart. The rest of the day passes uneventfully.

A pillow covers JP’s face and four sets of arms grab and turn him over. JP attempts to break free but is unable to do so. Gigaboo takes a shive and cuts JP’s pants open. “Take him The Niger,” says Gigaboo. The Niger starts the dead. Their buddies, Spook and Spade, keeping him held down. JP is still unsuccessful. Sounds of fighting reaches JP and movement stops. A white guy named the Dog starts wailing into the black guys and kicks their butts. Brief conversation about JP’s situation and Dog leaves.

The next morning, Officer Barlow, escorts him to processing and he escapes the fate of more time in County Lockup.

Grady Michael Wescott III

Tuesday 2nd November

Grady starts the day off looking for a score. He’s low on drugs. Grady is unable to pick up anything. Goes back to his home and tokes up on his personal stash. Once he’s high, a mastiff appears. Grady looks him over and the dog says, “What are you looking at?” Grady kills his roach and heads up to shower away the weird out. That night he’s able to score a pound of premium weed and returns home. He gets lit and starts calling people over for a righteous party. Well into the party, Grady hears someone trying to get his attention. Sitting next to him is an alien. Splashes water on his face looks back and there’s his buddy. Starts hitting the bud after socializing. At the bottom of the bong is an alien telling him to take a hit. The alien sits next to him and discuss their ways of observation of the human race. And just keeps talking and talking. The alien tells him to head to Yellowstone National Park. Flat Creek Ranch with some good shit. Sometime this week.

Wednesday 3rd November

Grady heads to the mountain to snowboard the K12. He has his greatest snowboard ride of his life. Rides all day and heads back and lights up. And calls Dillon to join him in his high.

Thursday 4th November

Grady meets with someone.

Friday 5th November

Grady has another party at his place but is unable to score with a chick except with a “but her face.” Night passes.

Saturday 6th November

Grady leaves his place around 1am to hit up the Phish concert up in Denver. He makes a killing on selling dope.

Sunday 7th November

Grady decides to follow the alien’s advice and heads to Yellowstone after the Phish concert.

Sam Beckett

Monday 1st November

Normal day of decent piloting of UAV’s. On the way home, dogs gather around Sam. Two formally vicious dogs and the rest appear friendly. Raided with WoW guild. Karazan again.

Tuesday 2nd November

Normal day. Sam came home to watch some Firefly.

Wednesday 3rd November

Next thing Sam knows it’s 1am. His leg is cut up and window broken into. Calls cops but they’re useless. Medical fills him up with rabis shots. Major Wingate gives Sam the day off. He feels sick and orders some chinese food. Most amazing tasting food he has ever eaten. Everything that he eats is delicious.

Thursday 4th November

Wake up at noon. 5 hours late to work. Ass chewing by Major Wingate. Best flying he’s done in awhile.

james red elk

Mother calls James to let him know the chieftain has died. He asks his boss for some time off to make it for the funeral and tribal meeting.

James runs into an old friend. His friend seems interested in leaving and starting a new life. James offers to find him a job.

Continues on to his mother’s house. Small talk about women. Time for Pow Wow. Ceremonial grab into sweat lodge. Peyote pipe is passed. James starts to have visions. Flashbacks of when he was a child and sick. All he can remember is burning up with a fever. His mom took his temperature rectally. Mom’s boyfriend returned with medicine. More flashbacks of when he was sick and his mom taking care of him.

Mictaltantica is chosen as the new chief.

James has discussion with his grandfather about his visions and the time he had the measles. He stays two weeks and returns home on Thursday the fourth.

Thursday 4th November

As he heads out to play some pool, he finds a joke anal thermometer hanging from his rear view mirror. It doesn’t look like his truck’s been broken into. Movement at the trash cans is just a stray cat. He decides to go to bed.

Friday 5th November

In the middle of the night, he hears a rumble. The building starts to shake. As he attempts to leave, a large crack appears in front of him and fire erupts from it. He breaks open a window and makes it out. One side of the apartment building collapses and tentacles reach out of the hole. A spider head appears from the hole. Speaking in a strange heads. As one of the tentacles snap out at him, he wakes up. His hands are cut up from breaking the window while dreaming. James decides to head back to the reservation for guidance. He notices a sign for Ghost Radio but the frequency is missing.

James makes it to the reservation and seeks out his grandfather to discuss the events of the night. His grandfather has no answers for him. He returns to his mother’s home. Small talk. He goes into his room and finds a rectal thermometer on the radio. His mother feels his head and finds he’s hot. James doesn’t want the rectal thermometer, grabs some OJ and Tylenol, and goes to bed.

Saturday 6th November

James asks for his grandfather. His grandfather suggests the use of an anal thermometer. James finally gives in.

Sunday 7th November

He sees his brother Thomas sitting there. Riped to shreds with maggots coming out of his eye socket. Whispering of Ghost Radio. Wakes up from the dream. Turns the dial to 101.3 Static Yellowstone whispered Static Flat Creek Ranch. Static Tune in next time. Static Ghost Radio.

Harrison Conrad Toler

Tuesday 2nd November

Harrison wakes up with something sleeping beside him. It’s a dog. It scratches him and darts out the window. Harrison binds the wound. The front door is open. He takes some meds and goes backs to bed.

Wednesday 3rd November

Harrison heads off to his conference. He offers to do a work up for his driver. Debates Stephen Hawkins on scientific theories. After an hour of losing the abusive debate, Stephen Hawkins rolls off the stage. The MC gets the crowd cheering and Harrison heads home. He takes his driver out to lunch. The driver is a retired Railroad guy. Harrison talks his driver’s ear off.

Harrison goes to bed and wakes up in a field. He see little forms shambling in the field. He runs in terror. Corpses of babies.


Sam Beckett continued…

Friday 5th November

After a messed up couple of days, Sam Beckett returned to simulator training. He did a fare job flying. During the flight a strange voice came over his radio telling him to go to Yellowstone Park. This was completely unusual since no radio operator ever communicated with him during simulated flight ops. Not wanting to draw additional concern from his superior officers, Sam immediately requested leave and made preparations to go to Yellowstone and left.


Volksturm gannonpm

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