Forsaken Chicago

3rd Night

Harrison Conrad TolerLiu Pei TianGrady Michael Wescott IIIjames red elk

Still grilling the night clerk, Adam Chin, of the motel. The group is currently deciding what to do with the slavery ring operating out of the town. Sheriff Oslir usually comes and cleans up the disappearances. Sometimes he brings David D’angelo to help out.

It’s decided that they will gag Adam Chin, await for the sheriff to arrive and ambush him.

Sam Beckett

Back at the group’s hotel, Sam starts to feel sick and has something that feels like it’s crawling up his arm. He calls up Grady to get intouch with Harrison Conrad Toler. Grady seems unavailable so Sam hops into his car and heads to the other hotel for assistance from Dr. Toler. Once at the hotel, Sam is ushered into the hotel room. Dr. Toler and James Red Elk examine Sam. After a brief examination, Dr. Toler believes it would be best to seek a hospital immediately. Harrison Conrad Toler,Sam Beckett, and Johnny Jones head off to the hospital in the driver’s car. It starts to get worse and Dr. Toler administers morphine to put out the patient and slow down whatever is going on with him.

Darkness washes over the Dude…

Sheriff Osler calls Adam Chin’s phone but Chin is too far gone to be of any use.

Two cars pull up to the hotel. One guy goes into the lobby. Grady rushes into the bathroom and flushes something down the toilet. He is not feeling well and James went over to examine him. He created a concoction that seemed to help Grady. Grady called JP who is also isn’t feeling very well either.

After a couple hours, Dr. Toler, Sam and driver return to the group’s hotel. Communication occurs between Dr. Toler and Red Elk. A large SUV pulls into the hotel. A fat man gets out and goes into the lobby. After a few minutes, the man comes out and grabs something from the back of the SUV. And makes a call.

Red Elk, Lui, and Grady decide it’s time to leave the hotel. Lui cuts a hole into the next room and they go up a hole Lui cut into the ceiling earlier. And cuts a whole to the outside of the roof. They repel down the roof. Grady pukes in the back of the hotel.

Lui recaptures the truck and everyone meets back up at the hotel. It would seem that Dr. Toler has popped a couple shirt buttons and sweat stained shirt. Red Elk has a fever and leaves the room. Lui also starts to feel sick but holds it in.

The sheriff arrives and first knocks on Dr. Toler’s door. Dr. Toler plays the part of a young boy and the sheriff moves on. He then goes to Lui and James’ room. Lui and James take custody of him.
Lui hits the sheriff in the head with his pistol when the sheriff proves uncooperative. The Sheriff squeals like a pig.

Everyone has felt the same thing and has had some sort of transformation. An argument ensues about what to do. Rescue the girl or deal with the changes. It is decided that we go save the girl. After a 30 minute road trip, the group arrives at a compound surrounded by a chain linked fence. Behind the fence is a cement bunker of some type.

Lui picks the lock and goes down into the bunker. Stairs lead down. Everyone moves down the hallway. Growling is heard. The door on the left has growling. Lui fails to pick the lock on the right door. Further down the hall is a room with a concrete block in the corner with chains coming of it. Scratch marks and attempts at messages are scattered throughout the floors and walls. Next room is more chains and writings.

The room with the dogs has a corpse with ritual items around it. Writings about David and Laura. Disembodied voice telling us to leave her alone and get out. Woman was raped repeatedly, left here for a long time, malnutrition, trauma, and broken bones. Sam frees the dogs while the Doc and others examine the corpse. On the way out a ghostly form blocks the exit. The dogs attack Sam and several injure him. Sam shoots one of the dogs for little effect. Lui swings his sword and just barely hurts one as well. James fires his shotgun and destroys one.

The door to the room Dr. Toler went into hide blows open and a wolf like creature jumps out and attacks the ghost. The last dog runs away. Sam fires at the ghost with his .45 to no effect. The creature bites at the ghost again. And misses again. Lui says that the creature is Dr. Toler. James Red Elk freaks out and goes fetal. The creature successfully bites into the ghost. Grady appears and fires into the creature. The ghost disappears. The creature goes upstairs. The Doc gets into his truck and leaves.

The rest of us head back to the hotel. The Sheriff is still passed out. Grady goes to his room and practices his werewolf threatening poses and shifts. Grady sits down and the alien reappears.


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