For those who have laptops or cell phones that can send text, feel free to bring them to our gaming sessions for my upcoming World of Darkness game. The main benefit is that you can instant message me on gmail or aol instant messenger, or text my email/aol for anything you want to do privately. Another advantage is that with a laptop you can update the wiki by adding new header pages and what not, that you can update after the game. Remember, I will be awarding experience to those who update the wiki. This experience is in addition to what you receive each game. I want to have a complete chronology of what the characters do, who they meet, etc… It will be nice to look back on this five years from now and be able to remember all of the adventures.

Also, remember to follow the link below and register on the forums. These forums can be used during downtime to call your contacts, pursue personal agenda’s etc. This is mainly for non combat type stuff, that is a part of your character, and no one elses.

I will be posting a “How To” on the wiki page on how to make and edit a wiki page. This way everyone can update as necessary.


Please visit the above link and register on the forums. This set of forums will be where you can talk with contacts on a private basis. You can do this while we are away from the game table.

Forsaken Chicago

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